"The Pox" (chicken!)

For three weeks now Ive felt like pants but on Thursday Amiz came out in a spot behind her ear, it can only mean the poxs is in the house! So I google it (as you do) to find out that you can get it twice all my signs were pointing to having it as well :(

So two Cave girls with the pox, Amie being covered but not that many that you could tell at first. Thursday night was fine slept as normal, Friday was awake every half hour from 2am :(, Saturday I tried to go to sleep at 12 but Amie woke crying and then wide awake wanting to play so this meant that I got up and went downstairs to watch Finding Nemo till 5am..we did have a lie in till gone 10.30 thank goodness, Sunday was better sleeping from 7-10 and Monday 9.30 -9 (:

I just hope that known of them scar Amie’s face as she has a few on her face and head :(.

I just hope that normal sleeping happens soon as we have been in a single big bed for the last 2 months with no problems (: My little girl is growning up but is still in 3-6 months clothes.(this is another story)

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  1. Use Bio Oil on any marks Chell and it works an absolute treat. Vitamin E or similar is effective but not as intense a treatment as bio oil. Hope you are both recovered now. xx