Every female loves to keep there nails looking good and I defo do! So after years of paying £20-£30 a time I thought it was time to buy my own nail set. So I brought acrylic which its a bit hard to teach yourself and have the time when your a single mom of a 16 month old! So the gel set is the best for me. Cost £10 of Ebay and the light was £14. It doesnt take long and looks just like I've had them do at the shop (if I do say so myself)
I also do nail art but have only three colours at the moment black,blue and yellow!! 

(top photo are my nails before hand look horrible and the bottom as you can  tell is after my hard work :) ) 


  1. u should make a living from it!! i would have u do my nails urs always look so good x

  2. The nails look professional! Well done Chell, I would get mine done if I lived closer! xx