8 days..

So after coming back from my bad-ish long weekend away I decided that I defo needed to go on a diet. So should I try slim fast again, how about weight watcher that has worked for my auntie, or slimming world that everyone goes on about, then I was given a book called “Super-Slim” wow it looked really good. 
So on the 15th August I decided to try it, 4lbs lost on the first week very pleased with myself. This isn’t a silly diet that works for a few weeks this is common sense eating. You eat four meals a day and bread and potatoes are allowed which I love.

 My menus for week ones was a bit of looking whats in the corners and freezer, now I have my week two planned and some of the stuff that Ive included are my favourites: surf n turf, (3oz steak and 3oz prawns) yes that is allowed.
Each day I shall add a food diary, please look out for it x

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  1. Congratulations! Well done! Keep up the healthy option xx