Food Diary 23.08.2011

I have felt the diet today haven't had a very good day, family stress!! (who would have them!)
But I kept on track which is good (: so my menu for today has been:

Breakfast: 2 toast wholemeal with a can of tomatoes (no butter)
Snack: 1 crisp bread. (16 cals)
Lunch: 2oz of cheese and salad wraps with small potatoes (as pictured)
Tea: 3oz of dry pasta with home made tomatoe sauce. (as pictured)
Supper: 30g of cereal and 4 strawberries

(in the wrong order but still, pasta and tom sauce for my  tea and cheese salad wraps for lunch)


  1. Hope it is all still going well for you on your diet! Well done xx

  2. You're doing so well food looks yummy put some recipes up next, i'm starting soon i've ordered some slimforte to try give me a kick start x