Funding now equaling to debt

Since Jan 2011 I have been unemployed which is a first for me since I was 14, Ive either has a baby sitting job, a paper round or a proper job. I have found it so hard to find work where they will consider you with a baby and your a single parent. So I decided that going back to college or at least on a course. I had my meeting with the job center to be told that as I have one NVQ 3 already I can't get government funding, so called some charities that help with people getting back into work or college to be told there funding has been stopped.

On Wednesday I received a phone call and the person told me I was able to apply for a loan that would pay for all of the course as well as childcare but once course stopped I would have to start paying it back even if I wasn't in work.

I think this is awful as some people would take the risk to do this to make themselves more employable to then find themselves in debt and also with no job. 


  1. That deosn't seem fair at all Chell. I don't think things have changed here with funding for education, and if they haven't then the ruling is that you repay only once you get work. Having to repay your funding if you can't get a job is pretty dire. xx

  2. I agree they are pressuring people to get into work, threatening to stop all benefits leaving people with no means of living yet they are not putting any funding into helping people get back into work, its a vicious and there really needs to be something done about it.