14 No a 12! (:

How pleased am I?! VERY!!
I started my diet on the 15th August at size 14, on 28th August my small size 12 NewLook jeans fit (:
I havent gone off this diet at all. I am going out for lunch today and shall be good (: I just love feeling and looking great. If I  can do it anyone can do it!

No laptop = No blogging!

On Thursday night had a lovely little warning come up on the laptop to say "consider replacing battery" great! So ordered one off Ebay there and then thought great will get it Saturday morning how wrong was I!!
Didn't turn up till Tuesday morning but I am all online again now and shall be blogging again as normal (:

Funding now equaling to debt

Since Jan 2011 I have been unemployed which is a first for me since I was 14, Ive either has a baby sitting job, a paper round or a proper job. I have found it so hard to find work where they will consider you with a baby and your a single parent. So I decided that going back to college or at least on a course. I had my meeting with the job center to be told that as I have one NVQ 3 already I can't get government funding, so called some charities that help with people getting back into work or college to be told there funding has been stopped.

On Wednesday I received a phone call and the person told me I was able to apply for a loan that would pay for all of the course as well as childcare but once course stopped I would have to start paying it back even if I wasn't in work.

I think this is awful as some people would take the risk to do this to make themselves more employable to then find themselves in debt and also with no job. 

Michelle, Chell or Shell

Well my name is Michelle, but having a bad time at primary and secondary Michelle always reminds me of that place and time in my life, I feel all cold and sad. I don't use it much apart from with family my name is Shell some people didn't even no my name is Michelle! I spell it both ways (shell and chell) as I had to change my facebook due to some family trying to find me who at the time I didnt want to see or speak to. My now close mates no me as Chell which is funny as I have Shell tattoo on my wrist!! but either way the name Shell/Chell is who I am today and thats all that matters (;

Food Diary 23.08.2011

I have felt the diet today haven't had a very good day, family stress!! (who would have them!)
But I kept on track which is good (: so my menu for today has been:

Breakfast: 2 toast wholemeal with a can of tomatoes (no butter)
Snack: 1 crisp bread. (16 cals)
Lunch: 2oz of cheese and salad wraps with small potatoes (as pictured)
Tea: 3oz of dry pasta with home made tomatoe sauce. (as pictured)
Supper: 30g of cereal and 4 strawberries

(in the wrong order but still, pasta and tom sauce for my  tea and cheese salad wraps for lunch)


Every female loves to keep there nails looking good and I defo do! So after years of paying £20-£30 a time I thought it was time to buy my own nail set. So I brought acrylic which its a bit hard to teach yourself and have the time when your a single mom of a 16 month old! So the gel set is the best for me. Cost £10 of Ebay and the light was £14. It doesnt take long and looks just like I've had them do at the shop (if I do say so myself)
I also do nail art but have only three colours at the moment black,blue and yellow!! 

(top photo are my nails before hand look horrible and the bottom as you can  tell is after my hard work :) ) 


I found that when I'm on a diet the food gets the same or boring. Its always nice to have food that looks and tastes good even when its not chocolate. I find this is the key to a good diet. After doing many different ones and not sticking to them fancy food is a must. That is why I made myself some nice tasting and looking wraps for lunch. This doesn't look like diet food to me!! (ps it was yummy!)